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It is not quite a hagiography — you would be hard-pressed to make McEnroe look like a saint — but it is still a bit of a victory lap, for a man who appears in every respect to deserve one. McEnroe grew up in Douglaston, an upmarket bit of Queens that happened to have its own tennis club, of which he was the undisputed star. He was 18, and still an amateur, when on a whim he and Mary Carillo, a friend from Douglaston, entered the French Open mixed doubles. They won the title. That summer, he reached the Wimbledon singles semi-finals. Back then, he looked like a child actor hired to play a tennis brat: knit brows, pouting lower lip, wild curls pinched in a headband.

Although he was vilified for the outbursts he directed at officials, he remained at all times unapologetic. Reflecting on those days, a white-haired McEnroe recalls the pressure he was under from his parents, who expected only the best from him. His behaviour left him isolated in the tour changing rooms, but even now he maintains he was always right about the bad calls. Meander through Amish country for produce, bakery items, handmade goods Get a hearty, home-cooked meal at Abigail's in Rocheport Escape to prison on a Missouri State Penitentiary tour Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a wild success story and an offbeat destination Wilson's Creek National Battlefield is a close-up view of Civil War history.

Tonight Partly cloudy skies early. Home Sports Prep Sports. The Bruins finished with a total of 38 points, 14 points ahead of second place. The Cougars won in the first game and defeated the Scots in Game 2. You must be logged in to participate in the Show Me the Errors contest. Report an error. Write a letter. Send us feedback. Your notification has been saved. There was a problem saving your notification. Manage followed notifications.

Close Followed notifications. Please log in to use this feature Log In. Don't have an account? Sign Up Today. Recommended for you. Join the conversation. Michael Knisley Sports editor knisleym missouri. Robbed of her career in by a horseriding incident and retired at age It is likely she would have gone on to win loads of slams - possibly putting well out of reach of Maggie Court and Serena Williams.

All the players deserve the respect of giving us the pleasure of enjoying the gift God blessed them with. In my opinion they are all the greatest. Venus is a great player. And i think Justin Henin should be put ahead of Venus Williams. Infact even Hingis is ahead of Venus. Venus-Hingis rivalary The best to watch. Really enjoyed that. I wish it lasted long. Two Great Champions. Martina Hingis can be up in the list like on spot 7. Her achievements viz a viz active career span needs applaud.

And yes the G. T is Steffi undoubtedly. Very happy to see Martina Hingis on the list. She was depite being short and physically weak, a great player who made game more enjoyable to watch with statistical placements and then ofcourse her drop shots n lobes. I just wish she had not retired so early in but continued as she was so young so very young just She could have gained strength as well if she had continued with the game. Nor do I agree with the argument that Graf's career must somehow be discounted because of the horrific attack on Seles; Graf's opposition was still at least comparable to Serena's even without Seles.

As for the idea that Seles was "dominating" Graf until the attack, I do not buy it. Yes, Seles was in GS finals against Graf at that point, but that includes two titles on clay, which is Graf's weakest surface, and the overall record was in favour of Graf. Graf would probably have won fewer slams in an alternate universe where Seles was never attacked, but it is hard to predict.

Seles was definitely on an incredible run when she was stabbed, but this was not because of a marked "dominance" over Graf, who was indeed in a slump at the time. Graf was struggling with injuries and personal issues. Graf still defeated Seles both times they played in ; Seles won the AO, but did not face Graf, who had been playing poorly and was upset by Novotna in the QF.

Even an erratic Graf was good enough to win Wimbledon again which Seles did not play because of shin splints. Seles again defeated Graf in the FO final, but in a competitive match, , , In , Seles defeated Graf in the AO final in three sets, , , The rivalry was interrupted at that point by the disgusting attack on Seles. Graf regained her form and won 65 of her next 67 matches. But for the attack, Seles would undoubtedly have had an even more impressive career.

Seles still managed to win the AO, although Graf did not play. How many of the 10 GS titles Graf won after the stabbing would have gone to Seles? Impossible to say. When Seles was attacked, Graf was ahead on grass, on carpet, on hardcourt, and behind on clay, but Seles was not yet It would certainly have been a great rivalry. Serena was in GS finals against Venus, who did not always rise to the occasion against her sister; Serena has a record in GS finals vs Kerber, and vs Stosur and now Osaka, and vs Muguruza.

Graf was in GS finals vs Davenport, and vs Seles. Graf also has more titles overall, more weeks at 1, higher career winning percentage, and played against tougher opposition relative to her era as Elo ratings have confirmed. As for their playing styles, Serena's is impressive, but Graf's was far more attractive, combining power and finesse, whereas Serena has only power.

Serena is obviously more physically powerful than Graf was, with a faster serve mph avg but Graf could serve mph in an era with heavier graphite rackets without today's lively strings, with excellent placement. Serena's backhand is obviously far more powerful, but Graf's backhand was always about finesse and tactics; she could effectively employ either topspin or slice to eventually receive a return she could rip for a forehand winner. Graf's forehand is a match for Serena's in terms of placement, and would probably be almost as powerful using modern equipment.

Graf had a better drop shot than Serena does, and better hands at the net. Graf also had better footwork and foot speed. Aside from sheer strength, I consider Graf to be a superior athlete. Finally, Graf was also a better sportswoman. No grunting, no tantrums, no threats, no prima donna behaviour.

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So I put Graf first and Serena second, followed by Evert and Navratilova although admittedly I did not follow either of them in their primes. Margaret Court won 62 major titles, 24 singles, 19 doubles 21 mixed. No one will ever get close to that man or woman. Today most just play singles because they want to save themselves for singles. Margaret Court played in all. I would also like to add that Seles shoulda, coulda, woulda been number 1 if not for the stabbing. Graf wins hands down. She had way tougher competition. She had a better tennis arsenal in her skill set.

She achieved greater in shorter period of time. She presented herself in a more proper manner when playing. She let her game do the talking. She was never admist the whole "steroid" conversation, and advocated there be more stringent testing. Serena fails in all of these comparisons. Serena simply overpowers her opponent. Serena will have her supporters, and rightfully so. She has a lot of wins and has dominated the sport in her era, but she is not the greatest player.

Davis Cup - Davis Cup Qualifiers: 60 days to go

It takes more than winning to be a "great". Serena is definitely the greatest her and sister Venus transformed the womens game completely and have brought the power game into the womens game. Had Monica Seles not met her unfortunate demise or incident how many grandslams would she have taken off Graf. The Margaret Court era is good for history lessons but the standards were below par. Serena would definitely destroy Court. There's no possible way that anyone could seriously believe that S. Williams is a better tennis player than S.

Graf unless they've forgotten just how truly awesome and stunningly superb that Graf played the game of tennis. If both Graf and Williams were to face off aganst one another in a best out of 10 match series while performing at their peak level of play and both equipped with the very best tennis equipment and technology then Graf would most likely win going away. Overall it's not that difficult to tell that Graf is a better tennis player than Williams regardless of these poll results. Graf had weaker competition Serena beat more 1 players Graf only one doubles win.

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Graf is the best and the greatest ever. Your're totally wrong, because omly the best play in tournaments; that is why "Serena" is the best. Stefi Graf is the greatest woman tennis player of all time.

Who is the GOAT? Ranking History of Top 10 Men's Tennis Players

Becuase during her time she defeated all great players. Grand slams alone should not be a bases to be the greatest it is how you play tennis. No offense to Serena, Stefi play far better than her, Stefi moves weell in the court like foot work, nice forehand and all. Serena won more grand slams because, no offense to her competitors, they are not good during the time of Stefi. Hingis should defiantly be in top Her singles and doubles record is outstanding..

Graf, never had much of a good doubles record And what about Helen Wills, she is a pre Open era player but has a great record Hingis must be top Some staggering stats on her! She never won the singles French but not did Pete. She made a final though, and won all grand slam doubles titles in both forms of doubles.. Got an Olympic silver medal to.. And she came back later and dominated in doubles Bjorg skipped a lot of OZ opens as well But Hingis won her titles in both formats and when tennis was very global Its an easy list through 7 players.

Perhapos the order the only doubt. The claim that the comp. There are four players from her era that could easily make a claim for spot Henin, Hingis, Sharapova and Venus which at worst means that 5 of the 12 or 13 best players in womens tennis history overlapped with Serena's time. Margaret Court played in the fallowest era and there is no argument there is no sport where the athletes are not bigger,faster, stronger and all around better than they were in the past. There is a big drop tot he next group of players that is probably not worth trying to parse.

Martina Hingis! The fragile player just survived purely on her game.

John McEnroe: Still Rockin’ at 60 review – everybody loves him these days. Well, almost everybody

So for that reason she definitely deserves to be among top I agree with the inclusion of martina Hingis's name here. And sm1 down here said Hingis was a transitional champion? How could you say when she played against all mighty forceful players and WON most of the time. We are talking about game here not physical strength, in which perhaps even most male players can't surpass William sisters. Serena is over rated as most of her career did not coincide with other greats other than her sister, and Venus was always the older of the two when they met on the court.

Venus Williams doesn't deserve to be in this list despite the fact that she played for a long time, she never was as good as the others. Plus she holds one helluva tie breaker against her nearest competition. She achieved the Golden Slam. I actually think the lists for the men and the woman are very accurate. As for those who advocate Margaret Court: I watched a couple of matches of hers in black and white from that era, I was surprised just how poor the standard was.

In my opinion Serena Williams is the G. Placing Margaret Court at 5th all time with 24 singles majors and 62 total to her credit is just a bad joke.

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Just more open era bias that sweeps greats like Rod Laver and Don Budge under the proverbial carpet year after year. Seriously , it just goes to show how little people that have voted here know about tennis. The best player in the world so far has been Margaret Court. She has won more titles and more grand slams than anybody. No flying first class for her and she was traveling from Australia.

Further to travel than any where in the world. Graf is not the greatest player of all time, without a doubt. The Graf fans accuse other players of poor competition when she's, to many tennis analysts' minds, the biggest beneficiary of her main competition's stabbing. Serena faced 17 number ones out of the 21 up to-date. Beat several of them in GS finals. She was a teenager when facing them and even them thrashed them on occasion.

She was great, don't get me wrong, but the best of all time? You'll all look like fools if not already. One f No excuse. Btw: Hingis in bordeline top ten. Just a transitional champion from the Graf era to the big babe era. She is so so so so so so so so Goooooooooood See of remaining comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.