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As Reuters recently reported , Chinese internet firms now use machine learning, image and voice recognition to detect and block Tiananmen-related content, with previously unimaginable levels of both accuracy and automation. Tiffert has documented how Chinese academic databases have redacted their holdings and sanitized historical narratives to serve present political purposes.

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It is not impervious to economic shocks, shifting political winds, or bureaucratic inefficiency and infighting. The Chinese party-state is keenly aware of the transformative, value-laden role of information, and has always viewed the harnessing of information as fundamental to its power.

This indicates a party-state that, rather than simply fearing information, fears even more the implications of not mastering it.

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Even the projection of capabilities that might not actually exist yet represents the logical development of longstanding CCP thinking on information, surveillance and social control, predating the advent of modern apps and social media. As AI evolves and becomes seamlessly integrated into the normal functioning of society, it will become increasingly invisible — and thus, in societies that are not alert to its ramifications, increasingly open to abuse.

Crucial questions about democratic rights and standards are correctly being asked and debated in democracies by policymakers, companies, developers, scholars and activists.

For technologies designed to both disappear into and dictate the rhythms of everyday life, the effect may be to imperceptibly manipulate debate and shape individual behaviors in an increasingly targeted way, buttressed by millions of data points that enable previously unimagined specificity. More than that, it will present those affected by CCP-guided AI enhancement — including not only Chinese citizens, but millions around the world who may be wittingly or unwittingly participating in Chinese government affiliated smart city projects — with an imperceptible fait accompli that subjects them to the standards of the CCP information ecosystem.

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This is not only of relevance in the far future. To some extent, it is happening already, including with the platforms that are widespread within China and around the world.

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The Commission consists of nine Senators, nine Members of the House of Representatives, and five senior Administration officials appointed by the President. Tweeting fellowship opportunities, proposal-writing tips, and other IU-specific funding savvy.

IUB Herman B. Tenth St. Bloomington, IN gradgrnt indiana. Skip to content. Fellows should have completed at least some China-related coursework.

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Chinese language skills: fellows should be able to read Chinese well enough to assist with research in newspapers, journals, and on websites. More advanced Chinese language capability would be a plus. A successful candidate for a fellowship will often have lived or studied in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. EST on February EST on August Brief statement addressing how your research skills, knowledge, and experience make you a suitable candidate for the CECC Liu Xiaobo Fellowship.

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Please indicate in your cover letter whether you are able to read Mandarin Chinese for research purposes. If yes, please indicate your level of fluency, i. Please indicate how you heard about this fellowship position.