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Cleopatra began her journey as one of the most beautiful woman in the world. A jealous rival, Ammut, turns her into an ugly duckling. Will Gene the Genie still love her? Brenda Melendez, a callous and calculating woman. She is a devil in a black dress without a conscious or soul. The many men that have crossed her path were enticed by her beauty and sexual prowess. Please do not be fooled by her smile and her charm as she is a serpent waiting to strike. She will use and abuse you without batting an eye.

Kevin has fallen for Brenda and her sly ways. Chocolate companies around the globe have been burglarized. Flying Saucers were spotted near the equator. The Spy King has mysteriously disappeared. Was it foul play? What will the world do without its favorite kid spy? Who will K. C Kid Agents Against Crime assign to this baffling case? Who is the mastermind behind it all? This audiobook was written to teach children that age, appearance, wealth or belongings is not important when it comes to being one of God's Little Soldiers.

It teaches children that obeying your parents, teachers and doing your chores also are important to being a child of God.

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It also encourages children to pay attention during Sunday School and most importantly to love the Lord. One of Kevin's favorite pastimes is watching television with his father on the weekends. His father would not allow anything to interfere with their time unless it was an absolute emergency. They would have a large bowl of popcorn, pretzels, and hot dogs and a glass of apple or orange juice. Sometimes they ordered pizzas, hamburgers, cheese steaks and every once in a while, a soda. Their favorite movies are westerns and spy movies.

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Kevin enjoyed the good guys beating the bad guys in the westerns. But Kevin became even more fascinated with the spies and their gadgets. Grandma Anderson's Nursery Rhymes are designed to teach children lessons in sharing, caring and love. The stories will invoke children to explore their imaginations. The end result should be opportunities for parents, grandparents, siblings and others to spend quality time with our children through listening. We must participate in the learning process with our teachers by properly preparing our children prior to them entering the school systems.

Tasha was always a very curious little girl. She always wanted to know how everything worked and why. Her sister Beverly just chalks it up to her being very meddlesome, always minding someone else's business. Tasha formed a spy club team with her girlfriends Ashley and Carol, after her cousin Kevin wouldn't allow girls into his club.

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She is a devil in a black dress without a conscience or soul. She has no remorse for the lives she's led down the path of unrighteousness and destroyed on her ascension to the top.

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Showing results by narrator "Fatimah Halim". Filter By. Reset All. Under 1 Hour 9. English And my cousins in front of me turned around and whispered to me, "Say the one about the barber, barber, shave the pig And he took the x-rays , and sure enough, there were two. And, and so I said, 'Well, can my husband come in and look at this?

I remember that. That was quite a—kind of an inhumane way of killing a chicken, I think. I know they used to catch 'em, grab 'em by the neck and swing 'em around. I was feeding it cake! Curt was in the backseat just screaming. Barb too. And when my cousins lived in the area, it was five, six or seven of us. Otherwise, there weren't many people, many kids in the school. She shortened my dress and And he said, "That's not my mother.

Just to clear her own life, I guess.

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I could catch a, a bus if I got out there in time, but I didn't always. So I would walk, and carry her a lot of the time because, because she couldn't walk fast enough! But, it was better, actually. They each had their own house, Mom and Grandma. And—but you had to be careful because Grandma had nothing to do in her little house…". So, but I felt more—not so trapped, you know, when I could.

Because I used to have to walk to the store. So I was in the lobby and I called her from there. That's when she told me that Dad had had the accident. In fact , my dad —my dad was a pretty good skater, as a matter of fact… He had skates with the shoes on them. She wasn't able to come down and visit in the visiting room. For quite a while. We'd have to go stand out in the middle of the yard and look up to her window , to talk to her. But, a lot of times she woke up and she could hear him crying. So it was hard for him when she passed away.

She grabbed me by the arm and wouldn't let me go. Walked me across the street , and across the street was the dentist's office It wasn't a real high class restaurant. It was more like a cafe Some of the clientele were—especially the younger boys —they'd just do things to irritate you. Tent Camping—I loved tent camping.

And fish, of course. That was the main thing there, was the fishing.

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And dresses long. And she had this pair that were getting all faded, so she decided she would, you know, dye them a darker pink. Well, they turned out kind of red. And… But he didn't, they didn't know about Barb then They would put the pig's head in—after they had taken all the hair and scraped the skin and everything—put it in the copper boiler on the coal and wood stove. Let it boil for an hour.

Yeah … they were each given a chore in the morning. One would warm the bottle.


Barb would start breakfast. And Clint —he hated this—used to get to change the diaper Especially since they weren't all that fond of my mom to begin with. And so she, she was more like a hired person there, I guess. It was a pretty busy street, this one street that ran down. And I didn't have, I didn't have any fenced in yard or anything like that And they were walking around and one time Mike, Mike said—it was kind of marshy in there.

But Mike started just running , just away, and yelling, 'Bees!

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I know he worked in Jamestown and Bismarck And I remember him driving a—oh! I know. He worked for a milk company. Carnation Milk Company. But she, I, I just—when Barb got home, I put her in the little red wagon and we'd go downtown and I'd do what I had to do.