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At The Yellow House , van Gogh hoped like-minded artists could create together.

To Theo van Gogh. Isleworth, Friday, 3 November 1876.

Gauguin did join him but with disastrous results. Near the end of , an incident led Gauguin to ultimately leave Arles. Van Gogh pursued him with an open razor, was stopped by Gauguin, but ended up cutting a portion of his own ear lobe off. Van Gogh then began to alternate between fits of madness and lucidity and was sent to the asylum in Saint-Remy for treatment. In May of , after a couple of years at the asylum, he seemed much better and went to live in Auvers-sur-Oise under the watchful eye of Dr. Two months later, he died from what is believed to have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound "for the good of all.

The money he had was supplied by his brother, Theo, and was used primarily for art supplies, coffee and cigarettes. Van Gogh's finest works were produced in less than three years in a technique that grew more and more impassioned in brush stroke, in symbolic and intense color, in surface tension, and in the movement and vibration of form and line.

Van Gogh's inimitable fusion of form and content is powerful; dramatic, lyrically rhythmic, imaginative, and emotional, for the artist was completely absorbed in the effort to explain either his struggle against madness or his comprehension of the spiritual essence of man and nature. Van Gogh is now viewed as one of the most influential artists having helped lay the foundations of modern art. First of all, however, Theo wanted to find a bigger apartment.

Meet Vincent

Vincent decided not to wait. Will be at the Louvre from midday, or earlier if you like. Living together was frequently difficult, but Vincent and Theo were eventually reconciled. However unpractical he may be, if he succeeds in his work there will certainly come a day when he will begin to sell his pictures. It appears to be even worse on his part, for he loses no opportunity to show that he detests me and that I repel him.

This makes it almost unbearable for me at home. By the beginning of , Vincent had grown tired of big city life. Leaving Theo behind in Paris, he took the kilometre train ride to the South of France. In the end, only Paul Gauguin joined him, with Theo having to pay his travel expenses. I hope that your efforts will succeed in making your house a place where artists will feel at home. Vincent received Gauguin with open arms. Their collaboration began promisingly enough, but tension soon arose between them and by early December Gauguin was thinking about moving on again.

The discussion is excessively electric. That feeling sometimes makes me sad. I know nothing of that. Vincent suffered a mental breakdown in the evening of 23 December , becoming so confused that he cut off his left ear.

Holding down a job

The next morning, Gauguin sent a telegram to Theo, who took the night train to Arles to visit his brother. Will he remain insane? Now I ask just one thing of you, not to worry, for that would cause me one worry too many. Vincent was discharged from the hospital in Arles in January His wounded ear healed, but his mental health remained precarious, resulting in his rehospitalization. Although nothing in your letter betrays weakness of mind, on the contrary, the fact that you judge it necessary to enter an asylum is quite serious in itself. Theo married Jo Bonger in April At least here we have splendid sunshine.

ALMOST ATE A STAPLE! - Van Gogh Vlog #1

Whenever possible, Vincent continued to draw and paint avidly in the relative peace of the institution. As always, he sent his completed work to Theo. They named the baby after his uncle: Vincent Willem van Gogh. Vincent was delighted by the news. He painted a large canvas for his baby nephew: almond branches against an intense blue sky, the early-blossoming tree serving as a symbol of new life.

She has brought into the world a fine boy who cries a lot but who seems to be in good health. Your paintings are well placed and look very well. Many people came up to ask me to give you their compliments.

He stopped off on the way to visit Theo and Jo, and his new nephew, Vincent Willem. Silently the two brothers looked at the quietly sleeping baby — both had tears in their eyes. Jo van Gogh-Bonger in 'Brieven aan zijn broeder' Letters to his brother , Things seemed to be improving. Vincent took great pleasure drawing and painting in the countryside around Auvers, and he also enjoyed a visit from Theo, Jo and baby Vincent Willem in June He set off from the guesthouse every day in search of subjects for his paintings.

Vincent paid Theo and Jo one last visit in Paris in early July , but returned downcast. Theo was having problems at work and talked of setting up his own art firm. What can be done. On 27 July , Vincent shot himself in the chest with a pistol. Vincent had this letter on him when he attempted suicide on 27 July in a wheat field near Auvers. The stains might be blood from his self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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I miss him so; everything seems to remind me of him. Theo died in Utrecht in early , six months after Vincent. They rest side by side in the little cemetery amid the wheat fields of Auvers. Accept No, Thank you. To Theo from The Hague, 22 July Theo, I must again recommend that you start smoking a pipe. Large family. Vincent to Theo from Dordrecht, 22—23 April Assistant schoolmaster. Assistant schoolmaster in England Following his dismissal from Goupil, Vincent worked in England for a while as an assistant schoolmaster and curate to a vicar. Other mail In addition to letters, Vincent sent Theo all sorts of other things: books, prints, chocolate and clothes.

Studying in Amsterdam. Studying in Amsterdam Vincent planned in to become a minister of the church. Shop assistant in Dordrecht. Shop assistant in Dordrecht Having returned from England, Vincent spent three months working in a bookshop in Dordrecht. To Theo from Amsterdam, 3 April Evangelist in Belgium.

(, 79): To Theo van Gogh. Isleworth, Friday, 3 November - Vincent van Gogh Letters

No contact. No contact Vincent was no longer in paid employment, and took poor care of himself. Christ of the Coalmine. Getting along.

Vincent van Gogh

Getting along Vincent moved back in with his parents in Etten, in the Dutch province of North Brabant, in Row with Pa. Living together in Paris Theo suggested that Vincent should come to Paris to make the acquaintance of colourful contemporary French painting. Vincent to Theo, Paris, on or about 28 February Collecting together.