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Ilkley, Yorkshire

Wharfedale Wayfarer Walk Go uphill and third right into Southfield Lane. At the far end, continue ahead on a streamside path near the top of Southfield Terrace. Cross the top of one field and into an enclosed section. After a left turn, walk up the side of a field to the by-pass.

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Cross to the path opposite. Bear right round a clump of bushes to a stile in the dip and follow a track uphill to the farm.

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Pass farm buildings on your left and straight ahead to the house. Left there across the grass to a stile, half-left across the next small plot to a gate onto the access lane. Turn left and follow the lane to the surfaced road. Straight across into another lane to where the track divides. Forward over the cattle grid and then immediately right up a grassy strip.

Follow this to the top of the slope and a small grassy area. Ignore the prominent track right, and go ahead through the stile between gates. Along the side of 2 fields then half-right to pass the right-hand end of a building on to the farm track. Turn right on the track for yards including one left-hand bend to the road. Left, then first right by Slade Farm over a ladderstile, up the field side and through the top gate onto moorland.

Follow the track for yards then fork right on to a fainter path heading towards the top corner of the right-hand wall. Level with that corner, cross a sunken track and continue to the hilltop.

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Turn left and stick to the path on, or very near, the top of this slope for the next 2 miles. Approaching Ilkley, a small reservoir comes into view. Forward on the path close to the reservoir and continue to a surfaced road. Right to the first bridge over a stream. Left there onto a path at right-angles to the road climbing towards a plantation. As you get nearer, select the path across the bottom side of the trees. Forward along the hillside aiming at the top of the next plantation.

Pass this and at a fork in the path, go right gaining height passing above White Wells. Head for the next plantation and near it, bear right on an obvious path going across the top of the trees.

Walks Around Addingham

Walk forward rising slowly to a large cairn, slightly left there on a clear path, and over a path junction. This path meets a wide track, bear left along it to a large, isolated roundish boulder. At this boulder go a few yards left to the other side of it and take another path ahead. This goes along the top of a downslope to your left.

Welcome to Haworth

After a section alongside a wall, cross a major stream and straight up the other side. At the top, forward on the obvious path. After yards, fork left to stay near the edge. Follow the path to a point opposite an isolated house and bear left on a grassy track down to the road junction. Right on the road for 50 yards and left on the signed concrete path. Cross their access lane into a short enclosed path. Along the wallside in the field beyond and pass the side of the farm. Turn left after the buildings onto their access lane and follow it to Burley station.

Turn right at the road down to the village. Search for: X. Updates Closure of Suspension Bridge — We can now confirm that the bridge is fully open again.

Ten of the prettiest villages in North Yorkshire

GPS Navigation Those with a smartphone or tablet may find it useful to use it as an aid to navigation. The Countryside Code Please follow The Countryside Code — in particular, leave no litter, leave gates as you found them and keep dogs on a lead when farm animals are around.

Ordnance Survey Maps — Explorer or Landranger Introduction The full walk is one of the more energetic in this book but the views over Addingham and up Wharfedale, and the sight of the millstone quarry, the Doubler Stones photograph below , and the many traditional farmhouses, make it well worth the effort. Wharfedale Wayfarer Walk 2. Despite having a population of less than 14, people, Ilkley is widely known due to it being the place featured in Yorkshire's unofficial anthem On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at. Translated as 'On Ilkley Moor without your hat', the song originates from the early part of the 19th century and tells the tale of how a man is warned about courting his lover Mary Jane on the moor without any head gear because the harsh winds could lead to him "catching his death of cold".

If walking or cycling is your thing then Ilkley Moor is well worth a visit before you head out to the wider expanses of the Dales. Forming part of Rombalds Moor, the area is rugged and picturesque. One of its most popular places for visitors is the Cow and Calf rocks on the moor's edge. Also known as Hangingstone Rocks, the site is made up by two large formations which offer unrivalled views over the region's beautiful countryside.

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According to ancient legend, the Cow the larger rock and its calf were separated when a giant called Rombald stamped on the rock as he stormed his way across the moorland in pursuit of his wife. Another interesting site is the Swastika Stone. Situated to the north of the moor, the stone has a curved carving which is believed to date from either the Bronze or Iron Ages.

Also steeped in history is the Manor House Museum close to the town centre. Offering free admission, the museum stands inside a 17th century country house built on the grounds of a Roman fort. Opened as an art gallery and museum in , it is home to a number of exhibits and botanical specimens, including Neolithic arrowheads, carvings and a Roman triple vase that has been at the site since If you want to relive your youth then the Ilkley Toy Museum is well worth visit.

This private collection of toys tells the story of childhood pursuits running from BCE to the modern day. Much of the displays feature toys from the s and '60s, with classic puppet shows such as the The Thunderbirds being featured. There are also a number of Germanic wooden dolls from the early part of the 20th century as well as an English dolls house from around On warm days you may want to cool off by taking a dip at Ilkley Pool and Lido.

This is one of the few public outdoor swimming pools left in the UK and it still retains the Art Deco stylings of its s heyday. It is open only during the summer months and provides a place where visitors can relax on a sun lounger while topping up their tan or complete a few lengths in the pool. As such, Haworth makes an ideal base for exploring the principal attractions of Bronte Country , while still being close to the major cities of Bradford and Leeds. Further afield lies the historic city of York , and the spa towns of Harrogate and Ilkley - popular spa towns on the edge of the very beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park to the north.

Please click here for links to other Haworth and Bronte Country related websites. Please mention the Eagle Intermedia Bronte Country website when making your enquiries.