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There's certainly an element of self-preservation at play, experts say, a quick calculation that the risk outweighs the danger of doing nothing.

But if it was just about saving themselves, Glassman said, why would they step in front of a shooter? Some schools have metal detectors. Just three weeks ago, much of Colorado was put on alert after a Florida woman infatuated with Columbine flew to Denver on the shooting's 20th anniversary.

Lay perspectives on the social and psychological functions of heroes

We will fight back. More: Woman 'infatuated' by Columbine shooting found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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In 34 cases, the attacker was physically subdued, and in nine cases the attacker was shot. His group has trained more than , first responders on shooting events since its inception in What makes some risk their lives for others?

11 days. 3 mass shootings. 3 heroes. What makes some risk their lives for others?

Until the disaster, staff at the power plant had been convinced of the safety of nuclear power, and as far as they knew, there had been only one major accident in the Soviet Union. In fact there had been 14, all of which had been covered up, so as not to damage the image of Communist construction. In the first few minutes after the initial explosion the Geiger-Muller counters in the central control room were stuck at 3. However they were only designed to go up to 3.

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The actual reading was 15,! On the first night there were brave, though futile, acts of heroism. Alexander Akimov, the unit shift chief, and Leonid Toptunov, a technician, mistakenly believed the water flow to the reactor was blocked by a closed valve and so they fought their way to where they believed they could pump water back into the reactor and spent hours, submerged to the waist, in radioactive water.

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Both would die a torturous death from radiation poisoning. Later, in hospital, Akimov tried to stand up and the skin fell off his leg like a sock. The first firefighters on the scene were the power station's brigade.

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While there were later reports that said they were unaware of the dangers, one of the firemen said: "I remember joking to the others, ' We'll be lucky if we're all still alive in the morning '. One by one they succumbed to radiation poisoning with coughing, nausea, vomiting and fainting.


By the sixth day, when the Soviet authorities required three men to step forward, all were aware of the risk. According to Grigori Medvedev, author of The Truth About Chernobyl, a group of soldiers were briefed on the stakes if the valves were not turned, the water not drained. There was also a degree of bribery. While they were unlikely to survive, their families would be richly rewarded.