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Flesh and Stone (Whitewood Journals) (Volume 1)

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Seller Inventory P If you have this kind of dream, this may suggest that you should work with your mental side. If you dream of a stone, it indicates that something which was once living for you has become defunct storage. Put simply, you have hardened yourself against something or somebody.

On the other hand, to be stoned is usually to be disciplined. Seeing a stone in a dream is associated with your stability, steadiness, and firmness. It represents your lost feelings. It can also refer not only to strong obstacles, like rocks, but also to cruelty, distance, being cold, and indifferent. Precious stones have the value of jewels in a dream. A smashed stone foretells a possible heavy injury.

Being pelted with stones in a dream suggests that other people speak badly about you behind your back. If you do it to someone in the dream, it means it is you speaking badly about others. Being stoned to death indicates that you are having feelings of guilt and believe you deserve punishment. Spiritually speaking, the stone is the symbol of immortality and eternity, as well as indestructibility.

Carrying stones in a dream portends a difficult endeavor, or that you are hiding a secret that is heavy on your soul and you feel you cannot talk about to even the closest person in your life. Seeing stones while walking on a street is a sign that you should watch out not to destroy something you have built from scratch with lots of effort. Stones on the street also represent possible opportunities you will meet along your path. Lifting a stone could suggest that you are planning something bad. Finding a stone means disappointment in love.

Throwing a stone indicates that you are in a good mood, but yet you are searching for quarrel. Eating stones in a dream portends difficult times ahead. Walking among stones also suggests some rough times. If the stones break, this is a sign that you might earn some money.

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Dreaming of small stones, such as pebbles, is an omen for small worries or annoyances coming your way and disturbing your peaceful life. If you dream of lots of people throwing stones, this means you have done something wrong to someone and this will bring you some sorrow. Chopping a stone in a dream indicates that you will have to do something against your will.

If you dream of stones lying on the street, it suggests that you are having a hard time completing a project, but you should persevere in order to not miss some important opportunities which might turn up. Sometimes, seeing stones in the dream world could portend an illness, or possible hardship, as well as other types of suffering.

If you throw a stone, this could be an omen for a quarrel. If you dream of a stone bridge, you have big ambitions for the future. If the bridge is made of colored stones, this means a lack of will. If you see a bridge of stone, your ambitions will bear fruit. Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of stone. Skip to main content. Stone Dream Meaning What does a Stone mean in your dream.