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She is close to 40 classes. Karen started in , Wil in They have clearly put in their floor time! So I asked which class they met in. That is when they told me they met through 'match. I stared at them blankly. I could have sworn that SSQQ had brought them together. Karen broke the ice by saying that after they met on the Internet, she had suggested to Wil that they take dance classes together. Wil enjoyed the classes so much that he told Karen he would like to continue. SSQQ became a big part of their courtship. So I said, 'match. You are on the list! Then she replied, 'We don't mind being on the list.

Otherwise we wouldn't have told you. The fact of the matter is our fun at learning to dance together and taking classes together has brought us much closer.

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Thanks to Marla Archer, her successful Cruise program has added yet another powerful opportunity for people to get to know each other as well. Seven days of non-stop dancing and non-stop hot-tubbing might seem silly on the surface, but you can learn a lot about a person in seven days, especially when you have absolutely nothing else you are required to do.

And as Bruce and Mara show, you can make friends on one trip, wait a while, and take a future trip as a couple. In other words, people you meet today may become important tomorrow and the studio allows that to happen. SSQQ is probably closer to a church singles group than any other type of organization that I can think of.

People compare us to dance hall, but I still think we are more of church singles group where everyone looks out for everyone else. The other night I was sitting next to a lady friend. I spotted a guy I happened to like and asked the lady why she didn't check him out. She laughed and said she already had. The word on the street was that he was a 'player'.

Well, I thought that was an interesting comment. I replied that some people said the same thing about me at one point. But when I met the right woman, that rap disappeared completely. I also said I was impressed to learn there is a secret network that exists at the studio. This network appears to have a dating dossier on practically everyone! So you better watch out. Santa knows who's been naughty and who's been nice. SSQQ does not promise an instant payoff. Nor does it promise guaranteed success. I remember one of our female teachers dated men she met here at the studio for fifteen years without finding a keeper.

Then she met the love of her life at an internet dating site.

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No one ever said Love is easy to find. There is one Thoroughly Modern Woman here at the studio who told me finding Love is like diversifying stock. She is a member of a Houston dating service. She is a member of an Internet Dating Service. She also goes to every professional meeting she hears of more for the new men she might meet than actual business reasons. Finally she takes at least one dance class a month here at the studio just to scout each new rookie class. TMW says she isn't sure which venue is going to pay off, but so far she has had the most fun here at the studio. It is a little scary to meet a woman as calculating and ruthlessly thorough at pursuing men as she is, but I will admit I am secretly flattered she lists SSQQ as one of her four prime venues.

All I can say is that fifteen couples who made the studio a major part of their courtship got married in And there are probably several more who got married but haven't confessed yet. I will simply say I will match those numbers against any organization in the city. The Matchmaker Story is now almost three years old. Nor is that total any sort of exception. Go look for yourself. As I write, Gareld is in the hospital at Methodist. I will share the email I received from Deborah Taylor, Gareld's daughter. Thank God they are both going to be fine, but Dad is still in hospital at Methodist tonight.

Virginia suffered multiple bumps bruises and cuts, but she is just sore today. Dad suffered a pneumothorax, a fractured sternum and a fractured vertebra in his neck C-5 but thankfully does not need surgery. He got his chest tube out today and if all goes well, he may be released tomorrow! I know people will want to know what happened. Are you familiar with that interchange on West Loop near Bellaire where you approach 59 heading north??? Dad was changing lanes to try to get out of the way of all the folks who just stop in that outer lane at the last moment to try to squirm into the 59 lanes.

Dad said he had just glanced up into his mirror when he saw Virginia throw her hands up. Some guy had stopped dead in front of him to wait for an opening just as Dad had averted his eyes. Dad couldn't stop and probably plowed into the guy going more than 50mph. The seat belt and airbags are what injured them, but at the same time, they would have surely been dead without them.

The good news is that the doctors have all said that he should be dancing again in no time! I am looking forward to seeing him back on his dancing toes as I know many of the ladies are! Andy confirmed her suspicion - this location is the most dangerous spot in all of Texas. There are more accidents in this area than any other spot in the state. What is pathetic is that the engineers redesigned this area as part of the West Loop upgrade a couple years back.

They made significant changes. As a result, the accidents rate went up. Thank goodness these same engineers don't work for NASA. The Holidays are behind us and we have rung in the New Year, so our thoughts may now focus on Cruise Adventures for We will be once again be cruising the beautiful Western Caribbean on Carnival's fabulous Conquest from August 23rd through August 30th.

It will truly be a Same Time, Next Year vacation. Our annual cruise event is a week-long party that is surely not to be missed! Be sure to mark your vacation time accordingly, and then let me know if you will be joining us for another fun-filled week of adventures as we dance our way across the Caribbean Sea. I know that several of you had requested that we take the alternate Bahamas itinerary; however that cruise was price prohibitive. On the other hand, our Western Caribbean sailing is very affordable.

One of these days we will go to the Bahamas, but during our country's economic slump I think we need to go with the more economical trip. This way more people can participate in our annual trip. Wil was over there as a visiting professor. I saw them both at our recent New Year's Eve Party here at the studio. Karen reports they love to dance in Australia, but there was something odd about the dancing. I vaguely recall Karen said there was no one around to teach it. Or maybe she said the public transportation was so bad that they had trouble attending the events.

You know, this may be a Newsletter, but no one ever said it was a Newspaper. If you want cold hard facts, buy a Chronicle. What do you expect for free? In the meantime, I will try to clarify this thought for the next Newsletter. George is an architect who has been given a special assignment in Chicago. George has been such a Western Night fixture here at the studio for a long time that Becky Bratton recently asked him to help her co-teach a Western class on Friday Nights.

By the way, that's what happens if you hang around here too long. People get so used to you they either begin to sit on you like you're part of the furniture or they ask you teach. Well, just about the time George and Becky were starting to figure out what they were doing, now George has to leave town for a while.

Oh well. We are at least comforted by the fact that he has a house and his beautiful wife Cindy here in Houston, so I am pretty sure he will back one of these days! Conor has been a huge part of this studio for three solid years taking Swing, Western, and Whip. During this time, Conor has become a great dancer! In addition, Conor has joined us for our past three dance cruises.

Conor is from Ireland. What a great accent! If you listen to him, you can picture 'Dublin' in your mind. Most of all, Conor is a really neat guy. He and I were just on the verge of becoming friends when he had to leave. Conor is heading off to Iraq for at least a year. He will be involved in the distribution of supplies for the Army. Conor candidly admits he is heading over there for the money. He says they are paying him a King's Ransom for this job. Since his daughter Fi and other family members are here in Houston, I guess we will see him again one of these days.

However Conor says for tax reasons it would cost him a lot of money to return to the States, so he says he expects to take his vacation time in Ireland instead. Still, if we ever schedule a cruise to Baghdad, be sure to let him know! Between George, me, and Gary Richardson, we are the three old guys. George G is one of Gary Richardson's best friends. They go to lunch together all the time. They invited me to join them for lunch one day and that's how George became my friend too.

George was once the head of a Science Department over at the University of Houston. George is a big teddy bear of a guy and one of the most likeable people you will ever meet. It soon became obvious to me why he was such a success at U of H. After he retired, his great personality came in handy again. George opened up a new business supplying lighting, music equipment, and staging for weddings and any kind of party or special event that needed his services.

I said sure, give it a try. Well, to be frank, the lighting was awesome! We are all very much in his debt for this service. George has been gone from the studio for all of His business carries him from coast to coast. He has met many celebrities and I believe he even had an engagement involving President Bush. So I haven't much of the guy. However this year, George decided to run the lighting himself. This gave me the chance to sit with him at the New Year's Party and catch up on old times. I lamented how tough things had been around here at the studio recently thanks to Hurricane Ike.

George nodded wistfully and said the same thing had happened to him. He said he hadn't even been paid for two months. I looked at him and asked why not. He said that after the hurricane, every one of his customers for two months had canceled their engagements. Talk about a gut punch!

The magical circle School Newsletter: November 2009

Here I was feeling sorry for myself and I completely overlooked that there were a lot of people in this city and Galveston who lost a lot more than I ever did. At the end of the party I offered to pay George for running the lights. After all, I always pay the young men who run the lights when George isn't around. George smiled and said he didn't want to be paid. He said it was his gift and that he loved doing what he can to make this time of the year special for everyone.

George also said he plans to be back in Swing class this year. If you are a girl and you see him, give him a big hug for me. He likes that. He says would be leaving for China of all places. I always knew we would lose Paul someday, but I hoped it wouldn't happen. You see, Paul was on loan to us from England. Paul has always been a delight. Not only is he PhD smart, he picks up dance moves as fast as anyone I have ever met. And best of all, he is probably the one person who takes my dance classes who doesn't have a smart mouth.

Gosh am I going to miss him! Back in December I wrote a lengthy story about Paul. I saw my name liberally mentioned in this article. I finally figured out who had written this story. That's how I discovered that Paul had come to Houston to escape punishment for his crimes.

My guess is they found out where he is hiding so Paul has to move on to China for refuge purposes. Paul was always very quiet here at the studio. He was so polite and such a great dancer, I am sure the ladies will remember him immediately. I hope Paul comes back to visit some day. I was stunned!

I had not seen Neal in several years. This Dance Team somehow became embroiled in the ugliest controversy in the history of the studio. A black dance teacher from another studio claimed that SSQQ had racially discriminated against him. While it was true we had discriminated against him, it had nothing to do with race. The guy was simply the biggest traitor this studio had ever known. But you will have to read the story to understand. At one point, Neal told me he felt about me like his Dad.

This is a true story. Since I was quite a bit older than he was, Neal liked to call me 'Dad'. One day he went to an audio-visual store to help me pick up some new equipment to replace something that broke here at the studio. He was going to help me carry this stuff to the car since I was so old and decrepit. While we were in the store, Neal spotted the most incredible plasma TV for sale. Like a little kid, he grabbed me by my sleeve and tugged me over to look at it.

Indeed it was a beautiful TV. Neal said if I would buy him this TV, I could adopt him and he would attempt to show warmth and respect and I could claim him as the son I never had. He said that not only would he show me warmth and respect, he would write me a letter once a week asking for money so I would feel parental. What a great deal! Neal later went on to become one of our most popular Swing dance instructors.

Then one day he said he was returning to school, so he to resign. That was several years ago. I wasn't the only person happy to see Neal Here is hoping Neal sticks around. He is a really neat guy. He is also up for adoption again I hear. Better tighten your seat belts, he is quite a character. Eighteen years to be exact. Peter was one of our Country-Western teachers. Alas, Peter met a very pretty girl named Leslie. They got married and had two boys. Unfortunately the marriage didn't last.

I saw Peter a year ago and he was in the devastation stage. Funny is an understatement. Peter is probably the single funniest guy to ever hang around here. I will share one anecdote. At our Sock Hop, Peter came dressed as a Nerd. And let me tell you - Peter stayed in character all night.

Not only did he wear a "Kick Me" sign on his backside, his mannerisms and the stupid things he said were so nerdlike that people kicked him upside down all night long because he deserved it!!! The guy was too goofy! People were cracking up all night long! He was so funny people had to get in line for their chance to kick him. Well, that was the night that I had the debut of my brand new line dance known as the "California Raisin Dance".

Gosh, I had been working on this dance for two months. It was my baby, my pride and joy. That night at the Sock Hop, none of my students knew this dance because it was brand new! Since it wasn't that hard a dance, I demonstrated it a couple times and people more or less caught. I knew as long as they could watch me during the song, that's really all it took. So we put on the music for the maiden voyage of my spectacular new dance. That's right; world premiere! The moment the music comes on, Peter the Nerd starts dancing like he is having an epileptic seizure!

I had no clue he had planned this ahead of time. He caught me totally off-guard. Peter was good. He was awesome! He was so bad he was incredible. And Peter was standing right behind me! He was right there in the mirror. How could I not watch him! His arms flailed, his feet kicked in opposite directions, his faced twitched! I tried to look away.

I didn't know the Raisin Dance well enough to handle this kind of distraction. Furthermore every person in the room was watching me trying to copy my moves. At least one hundred people were dancing 'simon-says' style by imitating my steps. So here is Peter the Nerd having seizures and I am supposed to be everyone's pillar of strength. It's like trying not to sneeze. I had to look. But I couldn't look, so I had to look away.

Then I had to look again. Gosh, Peter was funny! His arm twitched and he jerked his head like a monster in "Thriller". I had to look away! I was losing it so badly. I couldn't concentrate! Then Peter started to snort. No fair! Shut up, darn it! Just shut up, will you! He started snorting like a pig I forgot what step I was doing.

Horror broke all over me. It was like dropping a touchdown pass with the whole world watching. I was so embarrassed. But then I saw Peter staring at me with such disappointment. My shame turned into hysterical laughter. I was helpless to stop. I completely broke down laughing. Everyone in the room stopped too. The entire dance was ruined! We hadn't even made it halfway through.

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Peter immediately began to protest. He said, "Rick, don't stop. I need you. I can't do this dance without you! I need to see how you move your feet. Please start dancing. This is favorite dance. I love this dance! It's the only dance I can do. All the other dances are too hard for me.

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But without you I'm hopeless. Rick, you're my hero. Please don't stop! I wasn't alone. The entire studio was cracking up. They either laughing at him or laughing at me or both. I was beyond hope. I was doubled over. I was laughing so hard it was uncontrollable. My sides began to hurt! I told you that you were my hero.

Didn't you hear me? I told you that you are the only teacher who has ever shown interest in me. Please dance. Just try. Oh no, you aren't going to dance any more, are you? You are letting me down. Everyone I have ever believed in lets me down. Not you too! You're the best teacher I have ever had. You're my favorite teacher of all time! Rick, please don't let me down. I practiced all week for this moment.

I was counting on you to help me! I am depending on you! Now get up and try again! Be a professional! Don't just quit. You fall down, you get back up. Hey, wasn't this supposed to be the best dance you ever invented? Now get back up and dance! In fact, he nearly put me in the loony bin. To this day, I don't perform that dance here at studio without thinking of Peter the Nerd. He and the Raisin Dance are permanently fused in my mind. Welcome back, Peter. Just don't come as a Nerd to the party this year.

I don't think I could take it again! Max receives a summons to the IRS office. Considering how bizarre the return is, the IRS auditor was not surprised when Grandpa Max showed up with an attorney in tow. The auditor started with, 'Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment.

How do you explain that? I win a lot of money gambling. There's a mark in every city just waiting to support me. Go ahead. Show me what you can do. The auditor's jaw drops. Max is just warming up. I'll bet you two hundred bucks that I can bite my other eye. Grandpa Max removes his dentures and bites his good eye.

Obviously he has played this game before since he knows all the moves. The stunned auditor now realizes he has wagered and lost three hundred dollars in the space of one minute with Grandpa's attorney as a witness. The auditor starts to get nervous. I'll give you another chance. Let's go double or nothing. I'll bet you six hundred dollars that I can stand on one side of your desk and pee into that wastebasket on the other side of the room and never get a single drop anywhere on the floor in between.

But since he has been burned twice, he is more careful now. The auditor looks over the entire situation, reviews the old guy's boast, then concludes there's no way Grandpa could possibly manage that stunt. This is his chance to put Grandpa in his, so he agrees to the new bet. Grandpa stands beside the desk and unzips his pants, but although he strains mightily, he can't make the stream reach the wastebasket on the other side. In fact, he doesn't even come close. Basically he pretty much dribbles all over the auditor's brand new desk. The auditor leaps with joy, realizing that he has just turned a major loss into a huge win.

The old guy wasn't so smart after all! But Grandpa Max grins as his own attorney moans and puts his head in his hands. The attorney looks like he is about to be sick. I told him I would not only give him a thousand dollars, but I would work for free just to see it happen. One more favor No one helped her with the last one and I didn't have half an hour to walk her through it.

This week our friend Phyllis the Troublemaker turned 80 years old. I wrote a thoroughly insulting story about her on the web site. I would be very happy if you took the time to read it. By the way, if you get this notice in time, we will be hosting a birthday party for Phyllis at the studio this evening at 9 pm.

Usually we sing to our Birthday Personalities, but in the case of Phyllis I believe 'paddling' would be more appropriate. If any deserves a good spanking, it would be Phyllis. Or washing her mouth out with soap would work too. If by chance you could bring a teeshirt with a slogan on it as a present, that would be great. Pick something enlightening. I am sure Phyllis wouldn't understand what it means, but the rest of us could use some uplifting messages. This will be a marvelous trip. In one week, she registered 11 people. Nice start! Gareld McEathron, who like Phyllis will do practically anything to get attention, was involved in a serious car accident last week.

Gareld and his wife Virginia were driving north on the West Loop. As they neared the spot where people try to get on the Southwest Freeway i , Gareld briefly took his eye off the road to look at traffic.

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  5. That's when some idiot in front of him decided to stop dead in the middle of the freeway to wait for an opening in the line of cars trying to get to I Gareld had no time to stop. He plowed right into the back of the car at almost full speed. Had it not been for the airbags, Gareld and Virginia probably would have been terribly hurt or worse. In his own words: "It happened too fast to be frightening. That comes after you have had time to think about it. Virginia lost a large patch of skin on the back of one hand, bruises across her shoulder from the seatbelt, and sore knees.

    I had a tear in the upper left lung which required the insertion of a tube and vacuum pump to re inflate the collapsed portion of the lung, a cracked neck vertebrae, a cracked sternum, and chest bruising. I am restricted in activities and driving until the neck and sternum heal. Since I did not know exactly where the place was located, I had Virginia get the GPS out of the glove compartment and enter the address. We were nearing the Southwest Freeway when the system found our location and calculated a route.

    Virginia told me that it recommended going North toward town on Traffic was heavy and moving fast. I looked to see if there was an opening for me to cross the lanes to get to the right hand lane. The alarmed look on Virginia's face prompted me to check ahead and I saw cars stopped in front.

    I slammed on the brakes but, as I can best reconstruct the scene in my mind, I had the brakes applied about two seconds before the collision. In all the confusion, I still do not know which lane we were in at the time of the crash and if I had actually changed at least one lane. The memory is somewhat hazy about events before the adrenaline kicked in.

    At first, Virginia was in shock. When she recovered, she said "The air bags didn't work! They are just hanging there". We wouldn't be here if they hadn't worked. The EMS talked to Virginia and decided to put her on a back board and transport her to the hospital and asked me if I wanted to be evaluated also. I declined and went with the ambulance as a passenger to accompany Virginia. By the time we got to the hospital, the adrenaline was worn off and I was hurting big time so I agreed to be evaluated also.

    They treated Virginia's wounds and released her but found my problems and admitted me for two days. I am not sure when I will be able to go out dancing again but possibly in a couple months. I too had an accident in almost the exact same place in December. Because the light at Bellaire is so slow, you often have to stop on the ramp and wait for the light to change, which is exactly what I was doing.

    I saw a car in my rear view mirror coming up fast. Apparently she never saw me or tried to slow down and smashed into the back end of my car twice no idea how that happened. The Bellaire police officer that gave her a ticket told me that this section of freeway is incredibly dangerous.

    Surprisingly, she seemed to be alright and I all suffered was a bruised knee. My car, on the other hand, was totaled. I estimate that at least once a week when I am driving to work I see an accident on the West Loop at the 59 Ramp as you head north. I have been told this is statistically the most accident-prone spot in the state. If I remember, this is the same spot where the tejano singer Emilio had his accident. I know this area is deadly. After what I have witnessed, I am scared to death of the spot!

    When I drive this part of the freeway, I always deliberately get in the farthest lane away because I know there is always a good chance someone might do something stupid. You may be too busy to bother with my questions, but I had one of my friends get hurt at that spot yesterday. Is it true this is the most accident-prone spot in the state? It seems like a hazardous thing to do. When you read the story below, you will see my friend had simply looked up in the mirror to check behind him when someone stopped cold in the middle of a busy freeway.

    What does the law have to say about such reckless driving? In regards to your questions: 1 I don't know if it is the most traffic prone spot in the state, but if not, it is up there. There needs to be two lanes going to 59 Southbound and not just one. It is unlikely that the Texas Department of Transportation will ever do that.

    There is a flashing sign that warns on-coming traffic of stopped vehicles. There are several locations like this that I can think of, for example, east bound at the 45 sounth bound exit. The issue becomes, "who stopped? What I mean by that is, it is obvioius if just one car is slowing down or stoppign to get over, but often there are several cars and you don't know if they are slowing down to get over, or simply slowing down because the car in front of them did. They could have stopped suddenly because of an accident in front of them, because traffic was stopped for another reason, of because they wanted to get over.

    There is the old saying, stay one car length behind a car for every 10 mles per hour your driving. That is to give a person stopping room. Traffic enforcement is almost impossible at this location. We have tried different things and interjecting a patrol car into the mix pulling somebody over is often more hazardous. We have tried stopping traffic just before Fournace. We have tried sitting up there with our overhead lights on warning people. We have tried a number of things, but the issue is an inadequately designed freeway interchange. When the "rebuilt" it a few years ago, they told us the reversing the on ramp and exit ramp would take care of the problem, when it did not, they told us the problem was because the road surface as new people were speeding.

    When that was built in the 60's, few people were headed south to Fort Bend County, so one lane to 59 was made. Well we all know the traffic volume has changed drastically over the years but the exit has not. Her daughter Sharon Michaels and I intended to write a story about Marjorie one time, but kept missing connections. We still need to get that story written, don't we, Sharon? You may have seen Marjorie at one of our dance parties. Sharon is Marjorie's only child.

    Not only does Sharon love to dance, up till about 5 years ago, Marjorie could cut a rug as well. Although Marjorie doesn't dance any more, she still likes to come to our parties. Yes, that's Marjorie sitting on the couch under the blanket at the Halloween Party it gets cold sometimes! She's really got this longevity thing down! I saw Marjorie at this year's Christmas Party. As always, I got my hug and my kiss. When I am lucky, I even get to sit next to her and hold hands under the blanket.

    Well, I missed her at the New Year's Party. Then I learned that Marjorie took a fall. Here's the email: From: sharonmichaels sbcglobal. This time fate intervened. I already had my evening dress on, and my mother had just stepped into her bedroom to dress when she called out that she had fallen. I knew it was a bad fall when she could not attempt to stand even with assistance.

    They always say that if a loved one needs you to pick them up, you have the strength to do so. And I found that to be true. I just somehow picked her up and put her on the bed until an ambulance came. Fortunately my friend George arrived a few minutes later and drove my car to the hospital while I rode with her.

    They quickly determined it was a serious fracture of her right hip, but it took literally hours for the x-rays and then getting a hospital room. What a New Year's Eve for George! He was very loyal and supportive. We did not get to leave the hospital until about 4 a. It was a very scary decision, what with her age and her lung disorder that causes shortness of breath even without external stresses. But she had an excellent anesthesiologist and tolerated the surgery very well. In fact, there was one bit of humor in all this. I knew she was going to make it when the nurse in the recovery room told me that she kept pulling out her oxygen mask because it was going to mess up her hair.

    Now she is in the rehab section at the Hampton and taking short steps with a walker. She will probably be there at least a couple of months. Mom had to have surgery to have a plate and screws to rebuild the hip. It went well but the resulting stiffness and pain to walk again is the hardest part. She will be at the Hampton in rehab for quite some time. It will be a long slow process of some painful therapy, but she is trying so hard. My friends have been very good at visiting her, but she still gets lonely when they cannot be there.

    So if anyone wants to send a card or call, please do! Her phone in her room is call if you have a minute sometimes. It will pick up her spirits. As you may or may not know, I occasionally take poetic license to 'enhance' some of the stories I write. I asked Mara what she thought of the story. Mara said she loved it and couldn't wait for Bruce to read it. When five days passed and I didn't hear anything, I saw Mara at the studio last Friday.

    So I asked Mara what Bruce thought. Mara frowned a little. She said that Bruce was concerned people might actually believe that he and Mara 'locked us up in a back room till the respectable guests left'. So I have a statement to make and then I will ask a question. First, for the record, our Dance Cult was not locked up at Bruce and Mara's house. Nor were we put in a room in the back.

    In fact, we were in a room with the door open close to the living room. We were easily spotted by all the other guests throughout the night. Not only were we allowed to go through the buffet ourselves, we were allowed to go back for seconds. We were also permitted to speak to the other Non- Dance Cult guests at any time. Bruce and Mara treated us to a wonderful evening and everyone in the Cult enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Second, here's my question: Did anyone believe a single word of that 'locking them up' nonsense in that Wedding Story? Third, here's another question. Do any of you believe anything I say?

    I recently received a letter where I just furrowed my brow and wondered what on earth this was all about. I am used to being criticized, but it is kind of weird to be chewed out to this extent by someone I don't even know. In addition, I don't even know what story this guy was referring to. Maybe some day the world will entirely conform to what you think it should be, until then I suggest you get over yourself, you're setting a poor example for your kids - or did you ever stop to consider anyone else but yourself.

    Hiding behind high school legalese, so sad. What an amateur. From the amount of time you apparently spend on your blog, I suspect you are either on welfare or some type of low ranking but self important clerical government worker stealing time from your employer.

    Well get back to it buddy, I'm certain there is somebody out there who is impressed - just not me. Bahhbuy loser. Matthew has been unbelievably kind to me. This is a good thing because other people have been mean to me. I won't name anyone. I can't afford to. Matthew's kindest gift of all was to fix our Ice Machine. The Ice Machine was completely fried by some awful electrical surge during Hurricane Ike. I asked my air-conditioning company to fix the Ice Machine.

    Yes, this is the same AC company that has taken over a month and counting to fix our broken AC unit. Fortunately, the AC company was able to get the Ice Machine running for an hour back in early December. The two men who went over to Charlies to eat came back an hour later to confirm the machine was still working.

    They left the building and the unit stopped working the same day. I have been too disgusted to deal with it ever since. About a week ago, Matthew emailed me to ask if I would mind if he took a look at the Ice Machine. I couldn't imagine why not, so I said okay. Matthew fixed it at his house the other day. He brought it back on Monday. He did not charge me a dime. And the last time I checked, it was still working. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Matthew. PS - for his next miracle, Matthew promises to fix the broken light switch in Room 4.

    Wish him luck! Now I wonder if he can fix the AC unit? Just kidding. Not just me, but of us benefit from Matthew's good deed. I am grateful indeed for the many contributions of this talented young man. Hope you enjoy it. No big deal, right? After all Kayla, a freshman power forward at Walla Walla Wash. Community College, had spent much of her life playing through sprained ankles and stitched-up chins. This is a girl who played football through the eighth grade. Perfect for all ages! Tickets Available Soon.

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