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A typical day for him goes something like this: he does adverb crunches in the morning, runs sprints down Grammar Street in the afternoons, and then goes for target practice at the Passive Voice Range just before dinner.

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Tolkien and C. Lewis are the two writers he enjoys the most. The quibbles are completed. The world-building is well-done and convincing. It feels dystopian, but the world is not recognizable.

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The heroine is admirable, enjoyable, and believable. The bad guys are nasty, evil, self-serving liars—and they are relatively believable also. Her father is of the Old Faith serving Adonai. It feels like some truth is hiding there, but nothing Christian. In other words, the tale is more Tolkien than Lewis. The good guys know the Lord, as it is in reality.

Into the Vast

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Be sure to tell the author who you are, what organization you are with, how many books you need, how they will be used, and the number of reviews, if any, you would be able to provide. DJ Edwardson always wanted to invent the hovercraft. Not some floaty balloon contraption, but the real McCoy, with levitation and jump jets and cool track lights down the side just because. But he found that not being a scientist or an inventor or a multi-billion dollar venture capitalist put a bit of a damper on that career path so he settled for the next best thing, writing about them.

But he doesn't just write about hovercraft. He's invented all sorts of things that will probably never make it out of that "what if" stage, at least not in his lifetime. He also writes about things that aren't "things" at all, like friendship, courage, and love. And those are even more exiting than hovercraft. You can find out more about DJ, his books, and all the crazy things he's invented in his head at djedwardson. Adan wakes up in a medical facility without any memory of who he is, and no physical abilities. He is subjected to painful treatments, uncaring attitudes, and no information about himself.

Unexpectedly, he is helped to escape from the medical facility by Will, himself an escapee from the facility. Will introduces Adan to a strange new world, and strange feelings, such as hunger, thirst, and knowledge, which is quite a challenging adjustment.

During his adventure, he meets the people who live in The Vast, an area outside of Oasis. There are two factions, the peaceful Welkin who live in caves, and the cruel Waymen who are desert nomads. As Adan comes to know these people, he realizes that he must attempt to save them from those at Oasis, who wish to destroy them.

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This is the start of an incredible journey. Into the Vast by DJ Edwardson jumps straight into the story without any preamble, and you are dragged along for the ride. From the first page, you travel alongside Adan. You feel his confusion, fear, mistrust, hopelessness and frustration.