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The Complete Set of 21 Courses

All of us were so entranced by your reading and the whole thing!

The Complete Set of Seven Hermetic Astrology Courses

How fortunate were we? The kids really enjoyed your presentation, and the teachers were thankful to have their history content reinforced.

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What a great experience for our kids! Michele Gilchrist, Teacher-Librarian Wm. The students very much enjoyed your talk and journey to develop your story. I know they will not forget it. Claudia Davis, Teacher-Librarian J. Reconstruction is hard to teach, but Brotherhood helps kids think about the people and the relationships.

TEACHERS - A. B. Westrick, author

It gets them to look at the sorts of economic, political and social conditions that encourage hate groups to form. And the story is great. It is what it is. March 20, February 20, January 23, September 20, May 1, Westrick, author.

Brotherhood of Light Books (alchemy series)

These sixteen grades require approximately four and one-half years to complete. Each grade has from twelve to twenty-seven lessons, one lesson for each week.

Easy and effective: Introducing the Ditch That Textbook Lesson Plan Book

Upon completion of this course, the student may then be invited to enter the Inner Work of the Brotherhood. The Ancient Wisdom Teachings, which are supplemental to the Church work, give knowledge and information not published elsewhere.


There are four lessons each month. An application for the Church Neophyte and Temple Lessons is required to be printed and mailed for consideration. Upon being accepted for membership, you will be mailed the first lessons and a membership card. Always retain your membership card. Membership may be severed at any time by request. Making a difference.