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Tags: China, currency, dollar, lending, United States. The holiday decorations are ever-present at the th Engineer Brigade headquarters at Camp Liberty, Iraq.

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Competitions are under way to determine who can fashion the most festive door, and holiday parties — without liquor, of course — remind everyone that the days are counting down to Christmas. The lineup for Dec. But Army Brig. Jeffrey Talley, the brigade commander, said the festivities can't overshadow the inevitable bottom line: "In the end," he said, "Christmas is another duty day. We have to do our duty, because that is why we are here.

Army Sgt. Randy Witzel, operations noncommissioned officer for Talley's Task Force Iron Gimlet, could get the holiday blues if he let himself. This Christmas, his second in Iraq, will be his first as a married man. This year, they'll spend their first Christmas as a married couple and their first wedding anniversary more than 8, miles apart. If you try not to think about it, that's the best way to get through it. At their home in Pensacola, Fla. She expected to spend her anniversary with the same friends who attended her wedding.

This year, however, the groom will be far away, not scheduled to return until early spring. Contemplating the holiday ahead, her husband tried not to think about the holiday backyard barbecue he'd be missing. He took consolation in the special meals Camp Liberty's dining facility will serve and the "little more laid-back day" he and his fellow Soldiers hope for.

If there's a reward for spending Christmas in Iraq -- or for being deployed at all -- Witzel said, it's knowing the impact he and his Soldiers have had on the Iraq people's lives. Their engineering projects have helped restore essential services such as water and electricity, removed debris and waste from the streets and rebuilt schools.

In doing so, they've helped build confidence in the Iraqi government and brought violence to record lows. Sadr City, which Talley calls one of his brigade's biggest success stories, transformed from a "very vicious, dangerous combat zone" to a thriving city with bustling markets and children playing in the parks.

The most gratifying part, he said, is seeing the changes in the children he encounters. As Mr. Obama walks along the beaches while on vacation, returning to the place of his birth and his adolescence, he is relaxing after the most trying year of his life and recharging for the responsibilities that await. In both cases, friends say, he is doing it with an unexcitable steadiness that is a product of his Hawaiian upbringing. The mood of Mr. Obama, to many observers here in Hawaii, embodies the Aloha Spirit, a peaceful state of mind and a friendly attitude of acceptance of a variety of ideas and cultures.

More than simply a laid-back vibe, many Hawaiians believe in a divine and spiritual power that provides a sustaining life energy. Abercrombie, who has known the president-elect since he was born, said Mr.

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As a child, Mr. Obama would follow Mr. Dunham everywhere, walking through the neighborhoods of Honolulu and beyond. Abercrombie, who is spending the Christmas holidays in Hawaii. Cairo, slim, affable and an energetic enthusiast of tennis, rarely shows the edginess that wears away at the most courtly of foreigners under stress in foreign lands. But a rare impatience shows when the people who know what he has accomplished suggest that he has become a legend here.

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Rather, Mr. Cairo says it is he, more than his Afghan patients, who has been the greatest beneficiary of his years in Kabul. His passion took root the moment he arrived. Not long before, he had abandoned law and retrained as a physiotherapist, seeing it as a path to a more fulfilling life. The choice grew from a teenage experience in Italy, when he joined a school trip to a rehabilitation center. Now, he says, he cannot imagine another life. I feel I have been very, very lucky.

The Kabul rehabilitation center is an airy, spacious complex built on an old hospital graveyard in northwestern Kabul. It was assigned to the Red Cross by President Najibullah, the Afghan leader during the last years of the Soviet occupation, who was lynched by the Taliban when they captured the capital in The center has remained there ever since, apart from a break during a period of ethnic warfare that enveloped the neighborhood in the early s. Unusually, for a highly visible operation involving foreigners, it has never been attacked. Dressed in white and gold-colored vestments, the year-old Benedict walked in a procession up the main aisle, smiling and stopping several times to shake outstretched hands and bless children.

As a choir intoned a Psalm, the pope sprinkled incense on the central altar under Bernini's towering bronze baldachin before opening the service with the traditional wish for peace in Latin: "Pax vobis" "Peace be with you". The faithful responded: "Et cum spiritu tuo. For those unable to enter there were giant screens set up in St. Peter's Square.

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Meanwhile, as the Holy Father called for peace in the Holy Land highlighted the plight of abused children during his sermon, Christians celebrated Christmas in Bethlehem during one of the more peaceful years in a decade. Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal said in an address during the late-night service that true security comes from God. The highest of walls do not assure security," said Twal, the Catholic Church's top cleric in the Holy Land.

The ruined building was restored 50 years ago and turned into an observation tower.

It is always open to the public. Cycle along the edge of the wood and follow the tarmacked track back towards Watzenborn-Steinberg. From here, you can see how the Wetter and Lahntal valleys are connected. Next to the foundations of the Roman observation post, a stone tower with ramparts, trench and palisade fence was reconstructed in on the basis of information available at that time.

Today, we know that the tower had another storey and generally looked slightly different. Climb the steep wooden steps and enjoy the view from the top! Through the fields towards Holzheimer Unterwald, roughly follow the signs for the hiking trail. The small signs depict the reconstructed watchtower. Several information boards along the way provide information about the Limes world cultural heritage and point out where observation posts were once located.

Unfortunately, we can only guess what it must have looked like here around years ago. But the countryside is beautiful and there are plenty of picturesque spots where you can stop for a picnic. To get there, you pass horse paddocks, orchards und meadows full of colourful flowers — the attractive side of rural life.

If you find the path too bumpy to cycle on, stick to the tarmacked tracks. Follow the signs to Bettenberg. After leaving Holzheim, you will pass Gambach and Griedel until, after about 13 kilometres, you reach Butzbach. In Butzbach situated on the train line between Giessen and Frankfurt you will find the reconstruction of a wooden tower and the foundations of a stone tower to the west of the town on Schrenzerberg.

The wooden tower is one of the first attempts to reconstruct a wooden watchtower along the Limes. The climb up the hill to the tower is very steep follow the signs to Freibad Schrenzerbad , but at the top you are rewarded by beautiful views from the edge of the woods, you can pick cherries from surrounding trees and in fine weather you can swim in the open-air pool.

The town of Butzbach itself, with almost 24, inhabitants, is definitely worth a visit. The market square with its fountain, 16 th -century town hall and several well preserved half-timbered houses is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Hesse. Small parts of the old town wall with typical buttressed houses can still be found in Butzbach. For refreshment, you can stop off at the restaurant Deutsches Haus right next to the station. Young people interested in working in the catering trade learn to cook and serve food at this training restaurant.

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You can enjoy a three-course meal here for just seven euros. In the old part of town, you'll find other inexpensive places to have lunch or an ice-cream. If you're too tired to cycle any further, you can travel back to Giessen by train. A regional train runs approximately every 30 minutes. After visiting the watchtower, the Roman tower and Butzbach, however, you will have probably seen enough old buildings!

Starting on June 25 th , our website can be found here: www. Study in Germany - Land of Ideas. Toggle navigation Search Search.

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