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40 Français qui entreprennent by Asies le Mag' - Issuu

For Dupuis and his players the significance of their success in Egypt has yet to properly sink in. Read more from Original Source. Detectives are "hard at work" to gather clues after six females were shot dead in a home in Philippi East, Cape Town, Western Cape, according to police. Limpopo police have condemned the murder of two women in an apparent mob justice attack that followed the discovery of a missing boy's body in a river. Ebooks and Manuals

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That leads to unpredictable triggering results or no triggering at all. Under certain conditions the MQ trigger script reuses an existing gtacl environment file. The MQ trigger script appends the trigger related environment variables, configured by the user, at the end of the file. Ebooks and Manuals

The old content of the gtacl environment file gets not deleted. The user application to be started by the MQ trigger script runs with these environment variables. When an user application, triggered by MQ, shows unexpected behaviour that can be related to it's environment variables, this should be taken into account as being the root cause. The MQ trigger must create an empty gtacl environment file. In order to prevent the reuse of an existing environment file, a timestamp has to be part of the file name.