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Never come between a dwarf and his whiskers Dwa… More. Family relations can be a complicated business. Li… More.

The World of Lasniniar

A life without wings is no life at all--at least… More. Shelve Legends of Lasniniar: Without Wings.

legends of lasniniar the vow the world of lasniniar Manual

To an intelligent wildcat like Sinstari, most bip… More. Adventuring isn't always as glamorous as it sound… More.

Shelve Legends of Lasniniar: Mum's the Word. The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone. Traditions are a part of every holiday, but where… More. Shelve Legends of Lasniniar: Father Solstice.

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Solstice--a time for laughter, gifts, and mayhem. Iarion and Barlo find themselves waist-deep in tr… More. Men and women from the villages surrounding Belie… More. Perfect for: Kids who like science fiction and fantasy. Unlike some of the other series in this list, this one has a much higher barrier of entry.

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