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She married a Tipperary man, William Butler, and in settled in Ireland, where she witnessed the turbulence of the War of Independence and the Civil War. The book is large-format, with some big reproductions of her paintings. The Making of Inequality in the Irish Free State, Women, Power and Gender Ideology By Maryann Gialanella Valiulis; August How did Ireland travel from the glorious Proclamation of , with its promise of equality and universal citizenship, to the conservative constitution of , which allowed for only a domestic identity for women?

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The narrative plunges the reader inside the head of a stay-at-home mother struggling to pay her medical bills, communicate with her teenage daughter, put food on the table, keep her home safe. Eloise Millar describes Patience as almost two novels in one: the first a bitter-sweet meditation on the frailties and pleasures of language and communication; the second a glorious celebration of childhood, friendship and the sheer pleasure of running riot.

Although knowledge of history can help explain our contemporary situation, an awareness of some of the myths and misuses of our history can further help create a framework for understanding our current political and social challenges. His investigations aim to reveal the breakdown of land ownership across 32 counties, to show the truth about the people and institutions that own the ground beneath our feet. Set on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, the book is full of local colour and atmosphere.

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Lilliput bills Duncan as an exciting new voice in Irish fiction. She still bears the scars of this trauma, both literally and figuratively. Cregan links her own experiences with a medical and cultural history of mental illness. The Scar illuminates this often stigmatised affliction with grace and compassion, according to Lilliput, and offers hope to those still struggling. All Better! By Inese Zandere, illustrated by Reinis Petersons, retold by Catherine Ann Cullen ; February 7th Almost every child hates going to the doctor: it means taking medicine, having their temperature taken, maybe even having to go for surgery.


This illustrated collection of rhymes should help make being sick a little less scary, with poems about things like broken bones, chickenpox and having an injection, and with characters to make young readers laugh and smile. It sounds like an ideal get-well-soon gift for readers aged four and over.

She lives with her mum and has been best friends with Andrew since forever.

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A lot more. It makes her fizz inside. But maybe she can find an answer in a book. This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism By Ashton Applewhite ; March 7th Ashton Applewhite, an activist, journalist and expert on ageing and ageism who has addressed the United Nations and given a Ted Talk , looks historically at the root of ageism and at our shifting attitudes over the years, and examines ageist myths and stereotypes. Melville House bills her book as a rousing call to action that will help readers think about their own possible prejudices and how to change things.

Kemp hatches a dark plan to make his name and thwart his rival, the consequences of which will echo through the years. Two Souls follows three teenage hoodlums, disillusioned socialists swimming against tribal tides and a doomed teen romance that leaves a bitter, lethal legacy.

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The story incorporates a young punk torn by personal demons, a football hooligan shadowed by the presence of a psychopathic school friend, and a vengeful future terrorist. Set in Belfast, it moves between a love story in punk-infused , a frenzied Irish Cup Final, and the internal paramilitary blood-letting of At the bottom of the heap, hundreds of innocent people suddenly found their livelihoods hanging in the balance. New Daughters of Africa: An International Anthology of Writing by Women of African Descent Edited by Margaret Busby ; March 8th Showcasing the work of more than women writers of African descent from across the globe — Antigua to Zimbabwe, Angola to the United States — this collection celebrates their contributions to literature and international culture.

The anthology includes memoir, short stories, speeches, novel extracts, poetry and journalism to demonstrate the diversity and achievements of black women who remain under-represented, and whose works continue to be under-rated, in world culture. After being kidnapped by the IRA, Thomas Niedermayer , a German businessman caught up in a war he had prided himself on staying out of, was killed while trying to escape.

His disappearance shattered the lives of those close to him. Blake Knox highlights the savage reach of the Northern Ireland conflict and the ongoing private cost of war. This illustrated edition is aimed firmly at adults. Where Are You, Puffling? When she gets lost the animals of the Skelligs must work together to come up with a rescue plan.

Sean died before he could see the book published; in tribute, Gerry has based the white-haired, bearded boatman in the story on his white-haired, bearded uncle. Untying the Knot: How to Consciously Uncouple in the Real World By Kate Gunn Part personal story, part expert guide, Untying the Knot takes you through the process of separation as both parents and friends, from the first days of heartache through telling the children, what to do with the family home, and dealing with conflicts to finding yourself, coming out the other side and much more.

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The Complete Guide to the Best Pubs and Bars in Dublin is based on surveys, questionnaires and extensive experience, and served with a generous helping of social and cultural history. A year of women in translation Only 30 per cent of books published in translation are by women, so this year Peirene Press is tackling this by publishing only women authors.

A neo-Victorian Gothic tale of adventure and intrigue, it follow a young explorer into the Russian wilderness as he grapples with philosophical questions about what it means to be human and the real threat of his fellow travellers. This collection follows the lives of those on the periphery of society, weaving together the mad, the mysterious and the disposed of a rural French village.

After the Formalities By Anthony Anaxagorou ; September 2nd Anthony Anaxagorou, a British-born Cypriot, confronts issues of race, gender and masculinity in this collection. The title poem is a reading of race science filtered through memory and family history. As the parent of a young child, I was particularly bowled over by his tender portraits of fatherhood. A Perfect Explanation By Eleanor Anstruther ; March 15th A Perfect Explanation is a book that will leave you reeling, according to Salt Publishing, whose director Christopher Hamilton-Emery says it gets to the heart of what it is to be bound by gender, heritage and tradition.

He calls it an extraordinary book that conveys the unspoken with vivid simplicity. Your Fault By Andrew Cowan ; May 15th Beautifully crafted, unsettling and vivid, Salt says, this book perfectly highlights the subtleties and mysteries of everyday life, creating a world that seems ordinary even while something ominous bubbles just beneath the surface. The narrative balances between a kind of universality and an arresting specificity, it adds, exploring the relationship between memory and guilt as it builds towards its electrifying ending.

Crumley has spent much of his life out in the Highlands, researching species numbers, locations and behaviours, so he knows his own nature-writing territory like the back of his hand, and his experience and deep-seated knowledge reveal much about the changing natural world. Short stories, of course, have the added advantage of being short, meaning you can digest them in small chunks - the perfectly alternative to staring at your iPhone for an hour before bed. Here we round up 15 classic and modern short story collections that should be on everyone's radar. It's not a definitive list, of course, but it's a great start for anyone who wants to read more fiction in Snakes, crocodiles and lizards stalk the pages of this collection from one of America's most celebrated novelists, in which the muggy, murky state of Florida is always a principle character.

Groff's mastery of language, plot and dialogue are on full display in a set of stories that linger long after you've closed the last page. What radiates from every page of Kevin Barry's work is a relish for language and a sheer joy in story-telling: not since Irvine Welsh has an author writing in English made writing seem like such fun. There is plenty of pathos, too, in his tales of lost souls and misfiring Irish families and friendships. This is funny, stirring stuff from a unique talent. Anyone familiar with his peerless children's books so: everyone will find it no surprise that Dahl's adult fiction is equally vivid and wicked.

The stories in Kiss, Kiss are brilliantly taut and unnerving - masterclasses in the form. A pioneering modernist writing in the early 20s, Mansfield was brilliant at dissecting British mores and the class system - probably helped by growing up in New Zealand before moving to the country. She died too young, but left a legacy of brilliant work of which The Garden Party may be the finest. One of great modern Irish writers, this collection spans five decades of brilliance from O'Brien whose prose style is among the most revered of any living author.

Her characters range from lonely nuns to single mothers to modern millionaires and are consistently brilliantly.

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Murakami's collection, his first since his best-selling Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage , comprises of seven tales of men who find themselves alone for various reasons. Each story is centred around the concept of longing or loneliness, and all told with Murakami's unique and illuminating style.

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One for long-serving fans and newcomers alike. The titular story is a groundbreaking tale of one woman defying societal convention by leaving her husband to explore her sexuality that saw Chopin vilified in her time, but has since been embraced as a proto-feminist masterpiece.

It is also a fantastically funny and ultimately heartbreaking read, as are the rest in this collection by a strangely underrated author so ahead of her time she was punished for it. Every bit as filthy, funny and provocative as the novel that proceeded it Trainspotting : you may have heard of it?