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Jane Eyre (Italian Edition)

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But there is something other than Edward for Jane to consider as she beomes established in her new situation, because Thornfield Hall hides a secret. Who, or what, lives in the attic, under the stern and watchful eye of the semi-vigilant Grace Poole Billie Whitelaw? Jane Eyre is a love story, but, instead of the lighter romance and humor of Jane Austen's novels, this tale is marked by stark realism and a pervasive sense of misery. The meticulously accurate settings and beautiful-but-gloomy cinematography establish the atmosphere.

Even the daytime scenes are drab and colorless, and many of the interior shots are so dark that it's difficult to see the characters' expressions.

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There's no doubt that one of the reasons Jane Eyre is so cheerless is because the shadows are often more important than the light. At least in the end, there is a moment of joyful catharsis. With one exception, the acting is excellent.

Charlotte Gainsbourg The Cement Garden brings Jane to life, and, on those occasions when the script fumbles because it's painting the narrative in too-broad strokes, she holds our attention and captures our sympathy. Unfortunately, Gainsbourg's opposite, William Hurt, lacks presence.

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His is a passionless portrayal of a tragic figure. The venerable Joan Plowright plays Mrs. Fairfax with grandmotherly goodwill. Jane Eyre is about the contrast between a plain-but-spirited woman and a beautiful-but-venal one. It's about obligations and taking responsibility for one's actions. And, most of all, it's about the maturation of an unloved girl into a sensitive woman.

Jane Eyre features one of literature's most independent, strong-willed female protagonists in a narrative brimming with repressed emotion and dark secrets.

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Zeffirelli's picture fits nicely into the recent spate of films based on classic novels.