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Season 3 of the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi drama about an alien invasion opens seven months after the previous season, and in that time some major changes have occurred. Chief among them: Tom Noah Wyle has become president of the new United States; and formed alliances with the Volm and the rebel Skitters. But his new status may be called into question when it's learned that the president Stephen Collins of the old U.

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Anne Moon Bloodgood , meanwhile, deals with unexpected complications from her pregnancy; Weaver Will Patton and Pope Colin Cunningham clash over how to deal with a suspected mole; and Hal Drew Roy slowly comes to grips with his dark side. Robert Rodat. Cast Noah Wyle as Tom Mason. Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass. Will Patton as Weaver. Drew Roy as Hal Mason. Maxim Knight as Matt Mason. Connor Jessup as Ben Mason. Mpho Koaho as Anthony. Peter Shinkoda as Dai.

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Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes. Colin Cunningham as John Pope. Sarah Carter as Margaret. Jessy Schram as Karen.

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Dale Dye as Porter. Gloria Reuben as Marina. Robert Sean Leonard. Stephen Collins. Terry O'Quinn. Reasonably clever. May 22, Full Review…. Mark Trammell. TV Equals. May 22, Rating: 4.

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Carla Day. TV Fanatic. Kevin Fitzpatrick. Much of Falling Skies season 3 felt as though it overlooked or undercooked the journey. Kevin Yeoman. Charlie Jane Anders. Their dilemmas and antics Nancy DeWolf Smith. Wall Street Journal. Top Critic. Ian Berriman. SFX Magazine. Chris Carabott. IGN Movies. Les Chappell. AV Club. Jun 7, Full Review…. Matt Roush. TV Guide.

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View All Critic Reviews Jul 12, Pointless and cliched, Falling Skies falls flat in its third season. While the action is well-done and the plot is fairly interesting, the storytelling is especially poor; which really shows through in a 10 episode season. Newly elected President of the New United States Tom Mason forges an alliance with the Volm, who've been fighting for generations against the alien race that has taken over Earth; meanwhile Pope stirs up discontent within the civilian population and a mole carries out covert strikes against the human resistance.

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In the past the writing has been rather creative, but this season they pull out every sci-fi trope in the book; body possession, undercover moles, implanted dreams, and the Star Child. An uneven season with a lot of false starts, Season 3 of Falling Skies fails to deliver on its potential; but it's still entertaining and is full of action.

Dann M Super Reviewer. Feb 24, That same sort of mix continues into this Third Season For a basic plot summary some spoilers , this Third Season begins with explaining just what the heck happened in the Season Two finale! Basically, Tom Mason Noah Wyle and Colonel Weaver Will Patton learn that their alien oppressors now correctly identified as the Espheni are not the only higher power in the galaxy. A new alien race, the Volm, has been pursuing the Espheni across the galaxy trying to liberate planets. The 2nd Mass. See how! Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Series Finale Thank you Falling Skies for five amazing years!! Falling Skies: Planetary Warfare Which side will you fight for?

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Tom Mason. Anne Mason. Hal Mason. The series was created by Robert Rodat.

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Each episode features discussions on the latest episode and interviews with special guests from the cast and crew, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, fan questions, trivia and more. This year, the show is off to a strong start, averaging 5. It has also scored 2.

The show has brought in 3.